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July 25, 2010

Key West Drambuie Fishing Tournament

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Well, the fishing tournament is over. I believe there were 38 boats in it this year and only one caught a marlin. Estimated weight was 400lbs. (Wow what a big boy) We didn’t win, but a Captain from the Gulf Coast did and we are happy for him and his anglers. They have had a very hard time of it. We did catch a 27 lb dolphin, but lost out to a 33 lber. The threat of tropical storm Bonnie made all the boats stay in one day (the storm turned more north and we did not get it. It turned out to be a beautful day, but you can never trust storms) The 2010 Hemingway Days coincided with the tournament and one of the big events is the Ernest Hemingway look alike contest. All the look alikes compete in a “Running of the Bulls” race. This is a hoot as these gentlemen are not spring chickens. Stay safe and warm and dry.

July 15, 2010

Key West Information

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We really haven’t been fishing alot lately but when we did, it acturally was fishing. One day we caught 20 dolphin, but we released 18 of them because of their size. We have caught cero mackeral, yellowjacks, amberjacks (fun, fun, fun because of their size), bonito, barracuda and yellowtail snapper. One day, we were driving down through Big Pine Key near sunset and we saw a key deer. No matter how long we have lived in the keys (Joe since 1946 and I have been here since 1967) we always get excited when we see one. They are tiny deer and only live in Big Pine Key, so it is exciting to see one. They only come out to the highway at sunrise or sunset to eat. As we were cruising across the bridges, the sun was starting to set and it was absolutely gorgeous. I am sure that everyone thinks their sunsets are beautiful where they live, but I think Key West is famous for them. Captain Joe said that the sun looked like an orange ice cream cone that melted into the water and then the colors spread on top of the water. The sea was so calm that it was hard to tell the horizon. The sky had reds, oranges, purples, blues..too many colors to name. At our age, we still marvel at the beauty.

June 1, 2010

Dolphin Tournament

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It`s me again (Capt. Joe`s Grandson). Well Memorial Day weekend my dad , his dad, my dad’s 2 friends , and I participated in the Sigsbee Marina Dolphin Derby. We went out in my dad’s friend’s 25ft brownie. After about 20 minutes heading east we spotted birds and put the lines in the water but after 20 minutes nothing had bitten the line so we brought them in and started heading east and by that time it was about 11:00 a.m. I spotted more birds so we headed there and put the lines in. This time we trolled for 30 minutes and had no bites so we brought the lines in.We searched for 30 minutes and it was about 12:00 and we spotted a weed line so we trolled along side of it and up ahead we saw some chicken dolphin jumping and when we got there one bit the line and I reeled it in. We brought the lines in , shut off the engine , and started pitching ballyhoo and caught 3 more. The rest of the day we didn`t get anything. Even though we did not win the tournament, we saw a really cool thing. While we were heading to a new spot, I was standing on the gunnel holding onto the t-top and I saw a sailfish about two feet away from the boat and about two feet under the water. He was all lit up and he had his fins up. Then I saw another one just sitting on top of the water resting while we were trolling.

That’s Key We Fishing.

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